If you’re like most small-business owners and managers, reaching customers is a challenge. There’s more competition than ever for customer attention, and it’s up to savvy businesses to find the right mix to reach them.

At InfoCircle, we look at client needs, and determine the right mix of original content – blogs, press releases, social media and more -serving that client best. Every client is different and each deserves an individual approach.


Blogs are great way to provide information and updates, separate from your customary e-commerce site. MailPixBlog

Customer example: MailPix blog.

Community engagement

Community engagement is a do-­it-­for-­you service to build your audience on selected social networks. Our goal is to build audience numbers and increase social engagement with your company with frequent posts and updates that will be read, shared, liked, and commented upon. Tasks will vary depending upon the network.

Corporate communications

Corporate communications and press releases can convey authority, while providing a continuous stream of information to customers and to partners.

Event programming


Business Development



Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to bring in orders to loyal customers. Providing high-quality content, specific to your audience’s interests, can boost open rates and customer satisfaction.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social networks are a great way to inform and interact with customers and prospects; InfoCircle can step in provide an appropriate social media presence.

Example: Picture This…Jackson Facebook page

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